West St. Tammany Parish has a casino on the way. Are you ready?

The Louisiana Gaming Commission conducted a study in 2018 and determined that two casino licenses in Bossier City, LA, needed to be relocated.

Why would two casino licenses have to leave Bossier City, Louisiana? ‚Äč

The state of Oklahoma recently opened three new casinos, diverting traffic away from the casinos in Bossier City.

Gaming is currently illegal in Texas. However, within the next few months, Texas is expected to pass legislation making gaming legal in the state.

This is bad news not only for the casinos in Bossier City, but also for the casinos in Lake Charles, LA.

What is the Louisiana Gaming Commission doing about this?

To protect the state of Louisiana’s revenue, two casino licenses, one of which is owned by P2E (Peninsula Pacific Entertainment LLC), must be relocated to areas that will attract revenue.

What guarantees do you have that a casino will be built in West St. Tammany (Mandeville/Covington)?

High-density areas are always given priority. Casinos can currently be found in Bossier City and Lake Charles, and a casino used to be located in Natchez, Louisiana (in the state’s northeast quadrant). The Natchez casino was a colossal failure and was forced to close. P2E’s previous casino in Bossier City was a colossal failure and had to be closed.

Because of its high population density, St. Tammany Parish is the next logical choice. TWO casino licenses to build TWO casinos are currently being brought to this parish.

P2E owns one of the casino licenses, and their initial plan was to build along the Tchefuncte River in Mandeville, but the outcry prompted them to reconsider. They then decided to construct in Slidell.

If P2E is successful in getting the Camellia Bay Casino in Slidell approved, the second casino license will be placed in the first choice Area along the Tchefuncte River.

Proposed Locations for West St. Tammany Casino


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